Back in 2008, we took the view that we would have a greater impact by helping set-up other aquaponic businesses, than we would if we simply operated a system and let the world come to us. However we have also seen how, on occasions, when we withdraw from a project that outputs can slip if the same standards are not maintained. For this reason we have formed part of our business that allows for continued support in projects indefinitely.

The relationships that we develop with individual clients are often as individual as the projects themselves, but essentially we try to identify gaps in resources and then fill them. Depending on the required level of inputs, we establish, with our clients, a mechanism where all involved are motivated to ensure ongoing success. These mechanisms can take the form of fixed quantifiable day rates for different grades of inputs, or in some cases an equity/profit share in the business, and core expenses then being covered at cost.

Please contact if you wish to discuss an individual project and how we might collaborate in the future.