This solar powered system was built for an NGO in Kampala using only locally available materials on a budget of £120…


The growing media is snail shells used in poultry feeds, the fish tank a water butt and the grow-beds are recycled glucose containers. The system was stocked with 100 tilapia and various plants including: peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, kale, amaranth, rosemary, pumpkins and lettuce. This will provide much more than enough feed for one family and therefore a significant supplemental income. As you can see systems can be built from almost anything and adapted to any space and situation.

Aquaponics Uk works with NGOs and community organisations to design, build and support integrated farming projects. Depending on what you require we offer various levels of support from well informed advice to full design and installation packages with seed and feed production strategies. No project is too big or too small and every case is unique. We can provide equipment from the Uk or help you to find it locally, the possibilities are endless, please get in touch to find out more



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