NYF Kathmandu

Aquaponics UK, with the help and hard work of two fantastic interns – Laurie and Nico, designed and built an aquaponics system for the Nepal Youth Foundation in Kathmandu. The project was funded primarily by Rotary Club Bruxelles – Forêt de Soignes, with support also from Rotary Clubs of Versailles and Heidelberg and the Rotary Foundation. NYF are a pioneering charity that provide homes, healthcare and education to impoverished children across Nepal. The aquaponics system is located adjacent to one of NYF’s Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes (NRH) which restore severely malnourished children to good health whilst educating the mothers about nutrition.  The system was designed to be low-cost and to use only locally available materials. It uses passive solar greenhouse technology in order to reduce heating requirements and to enable year round production. This is a trial project that will inform replication across Nepal in both urban and rural areas. The system will be used for training of both staff and local people to encourage enterprise and the produce will be sold to provide income to the charity and used in the NRH.

You can find out more about the NYF here

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