C4 “home of the future”

Following a conversations with the researchers from TwoFour, the production company of the “home for the future” programme, we entered into the design phase of a system for the house. Initially we were given a 1m2 space, but after lots of interest from the researchers and a site visit we proposed a 10m2 solution that could turn the family’s wastes back into food.

Our first design involved the aquaponics greenhouse with black soldier flies converting the families un-compostable food wastes to feed to chickens, but after discussions this was apparently too “good life” and so we settled with “just” the aquaponics ecosystem.

We established a partnership with Kekkila a Finnish greenhouse manufacturer, and used our existing reange of aquaponics equipment to design an integrated ecosystem producing fish, vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, compost and worms, micro salads and even giant freshwater prawns with pest control courtesy of a pair of chameleons.















We are really pleased with how the greenhouse system performs, and just how captivating it has been for the Perera family of the “home of the future”.

Watch how the greenhouse was built here..

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