Poultry with Aquaponics

Use of Chickens in Aquaponic Systems

Chickens are best integrated into aquaponics systems by housing them in a chicken coop that is built adjacent to the aquaponics greenhouse, so that air can circulate freely between each of the two functional spaces. If this is done, two major advantages are realised: (1) the chickens will enjoy the heat of the greenhouse and the chickens themselves will help heat the greenhouse; and (2), chickens and plants have mutually beneficial gas requirements (chickens inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide; whilst most of the time, plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen), so keeping the two organisms together suits both of them down to the ground.

However, from an aquaponics point of view, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t integrate your chicken coop into a greenhouse! Chickens kept in any type of coop that is suitable for them are efficient producers of meat and eggs and can be great fun to look after…

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